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traditional & collaborative Family law

At Wynne & Wynne, Austin, we believe there is a way to handle a family law case by taking the high road. Keeping civility and respect at the forefront minimizes collateral damage to all parties, creating a greater opportunity for success and happiness after a significant life transition.

As we approach your case, we will:

  • Listen to your goals and objectives

  • Educate you about Texas family law and the local Courts

  • Analyze the facts and circumstances specific to your case

  • Attempt to resolve your case through mediation

  • Answer your questions

  • Develop an overall strategy aligned with your goals and objectives

  • Advocate for you with compassion and resolve.

Together, we will choose whether to take a collaborative or a traditional approach to your case. A collaborative approach is one in which the parties commit to resolving the matter privately outside the courtroom. A traditional approach is one in which the parties use court deadlines and litigation to achieve results. A hybrid method, most commonly used by our firm, leverages the setting of court deadlines but encourages the parties to reach agreements.

At Wynne & Wynne, Austin, we understand the complications and emotional nature of family law matters, and we are here to help. We will approach your case with empathy and civility while protecting your long-term interests.




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Areas of Practice

  • Divorce

  • Complex/high asset property division

  • Issues involving child custody and support

  • Enforcement of existing orders

  • Modificaton of existing orders